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1. Production


   Amateur, internet sensations: Annoying Orange, http://mashable.com/2010/02/08/top-10-web-series-january/ 

   Independent contractors: Charlie Rose LLC, Katalyst media (ashton kutcher) beauty & the geek

   Event casting: sports, fashion week, conferences, political events (C-SPAN), ted

   Wire reporters

   Stuff reporters

   Citizen journalism



Cameras:   Flip, Bloggie Full HD, 5x zoom


Hosting: Youtube, Vimeo, Blip.tv, Brightcove




2. Publishers


Wire: AP, Thomson Reuters

Network TV: ABC, MSNBC, CBS, FOX   // The CW, PBS/NPR

Cable TV: CNN, HBO, Showtime, ESPN, VIACOM (MTV, Comedy Central, VH1 ...)

Magazines: Hearst (Cosmo), Conde Nast, TIME

Newspapers: NYT/about.com (http://video.nytimes.com/), Dow Jones (WSJ), WPost/Newsweek/Slate, Gannett (USA Today)

Radio: NPR

Web: Yahoo, Aol, Glam, Gawker, Bloomberg = Bloomberg Wire + Business Week + ...


      Y! Finance Tech Ticker // banki.ru Elena Ischeeva

      Y! Sports video blogs / elvis stoyko


      Who News

User generated: Flip / Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, blip.tv (episodic shows), Justin.tv, Ustream, Livestream; blogs

Independent Web TV Shows: Mixergy

New internet channels: Blip.tv, bigthink, Beet.tv, Vator.tv, Current TV

Hyperlocal: Patch.com, Outside.in, Topix, Examiner, ...

Content Farms: Seed, Demand Media/eHow, Associated Content

Edu video: MIT Open Courseware, Youtube EDU, videolectures.net, iTunes U

Pirated / grey tv: P2P tv, sopcast // Spotting: livescorehunter, livetv.ru //   Ustream, justin.tv, fedora cast



Book publishers // book trailers,

Music Big 4: music video -> vevo   Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group and EMI

Movie industry: Big 6:  trailers, video on demand, extras

          Time Warner/Warner Bros. , News Corporation/ 20th Century Fox, Viacom/Paramount, Sony/Columbia Pictures,

          The Walt Disney Company/Walt Disney, Walt Disney Pictures/Touchstone, Pixar,

          General Electric+Vivendi SA/NBC Universal Studios



   News Corp = FOX TV + 20th Century Fox + WSJ + MySpace + Nashe Radio (50%) + Vedomosti (33%) ...

   Walt Disney Company: Disney, Pixar, Miramax, ABC, ESPN (80%), Hulu (share)...

   CBS Corporation: CBS TV, Showtime, The CW  (share),  CBS Interactive (CNET, Last.fm, BNET, Metacritic...)

   Time Warner: Warner Bros, New Line Cinema, The CW (share), CNN, HBO, Time Inc (Time, People), TMZ.com, CNNMoney.com

   General Electric/Vivendi: NBC TV, Universal music, Universal Studios, msnbs.com,

   Sony:  Columbia Pictures, Sony BMG music, Vevo (share)

   Viacom: Paramount pictures, Comedy central, MTV, VH1




3. Consumption hardware


Mobile / smartphones

Tablets / ipad

Laptop/desktop = Web, P2P

    Paid: Netflix (14M subscribers) / Amazon Video on Demand /  iTunes Store

    Ad-supported: Hulu / Vevo


    Social player: Boxee (sharing, ...)


TV set: Air, Satellite, Cable, Internet/IPTV

  Set-top box / digital media receiver:  Boxee, Apple TV

  Connected TV, Vizio, Sony, BBK

  DVR (TiVo and co) (2.7M TiVo / 114M TV)





4. Advertising / Premium content


  Classic TV

  Youtube ads

  Hulu ads

  Ad networks?

     Bright cove?

  Product placement

  Ad before the content

  Interactive advertsing


Premium content

  Cable plans

  A-la-carte ??

  Video on demand // Netflix

  Games / paid sms




5. Further study




   Cable and broadcasting







   Long tail video ads / new ad networks

   Premium content for mobile devices

   Crowdsourcing / expertsourcing

   Aggregation / filtering

   Simple paywall for video



SD - HD - Full HD




Feedback / back channel   -  Twitter (cnnbrk)

Web TV in numbers: Nielsen rating 


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